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3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

November 19, 2015 - By 

Social media has changed the way churches interact with their audience. Today 1 Billion People Logged Into Facebook, 500 million tweets were tweeted today, and Over 75 millions Instagram users! Needless to say people are spending their time on these social media platforms, and wanting to engage with your church. Many churches are beginning to develop, and start their social media strategy. So here's three ways you can improve your success in your social media strategy.

Improving Your Social Media Strategy Steps:

Step 1.

Make sure your are commenting, and engaging with your audience. Many times someone will post a question on your Facebook page, or twitter page and no one responds back. Social media is just that social. People are looking for answers, and you can give that to them. So make sure and comment back with an answer. You can also thank people for comments or

Step 2.

Be consistent with your post on your social media platforms. Many times churches social media presence was once good, but it slacked as the years went on. I know it's difficult to have something always up on your social media platforms, but keep it up. One way I have found to help with our social media consistency is to schedule my post, and tweets a month out. I use a program called Hootsuite to do this.

Step 3.

Bring value to your audience. Are your post just about donating to the church, or just about an event coming up. Those are great, but today people are looking for you to create value in their lives. That is how you draw people's attention to your social media page. So one way you can create value is taking a few clips from your sermons, and posting them online. Have your pastor, or staff record the top ten questions that get as a Pastor. Also post inspirational meme's. Meme's are those pictures you see on social media platforms with text above, and below. You can make these with a bible verse, quote your Pastor, and so on.

With this few simple steps you'll see an uptick in engagement, shares, and likes on your page. This won't guarantee anything, but it's a great place to start.


What have you found works best on social people for engaging your church?

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