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April 26, 2013 - By 

Many times, you sit at your computer, wondering when inspiration is going to arrive. Sometimes it is difficult, trying to think of a new video series, new inspirational video, website video, or video introduction. However, the inspiration does not arrive. So, we resort to digging through the internet to view other videos, pictures, or paintings, looking for that spark that will lead us into our next discovery. Does any of this sound familiar to you? It does to me.

So where does creativity come from and how do we harness it? Well, I will tell you this; creativity comes only from the one true God. He is the source of creativity, but it seems like some of us neglect to talk to, or ask Him for help. Let me paraphrase an illustration from a book I recently have read called “Pursuing Christ. Creating Art” by Gary A. Molander:

"A lady is wondering in the desert, looking for inspiration. She comes to a well that reads creativity. She cups her hands to guzzle in the sweet water of creativity, but the well is empty. Devastated,she walks to other wells that read creativity and one right after another, the wells come up empty. Finally she stumbles upon a well that reads God! She runs and splashes her hand in the cold water and guzzles down the water as she is revived and inspired! “

This story illustrates a wonderful truth that seems to be missing in some areas of the church media industry. Where are you getting your inspiration? Probably the best question is how is your prayer life? Do you have one? I am not attempting to be judgmental, but when is the last time you were inspired by the Bible, rather than an item on the Internet? Is God leading your creativity, or is someone else on the internet leading you? Maybe we shouldn't be so worried about how people will perceive our art. Maybe we should spend more effort making our invisible God visible to people!

Could it be that now is the time to encourage creative people to go back to the source, and ask the most creative one to endow us with more creativity; not for our glory, but for His! Take some time to talk to Him about it today. I am sure you will find He is more excited about your creations than you are.




Jesus Used Videos

March 19, 2013 - By 

Jesus Used Videos

You are right, he didn't really use a visual medium for his followers, but he did use the concept of video stories. Jesus told over 30 parables in the New Testament alone. This is not counting the Old Testament, which in itself is one big story. Just think of all the wonderful bible stories such as; Noah, Moses, David, Jonah, and Joseph, just to name a few. These are stories that have impacted and ultimately changed the way we see our world. Stories draw us in and take us into another dimension. For example: a man is walking down a concrete sidewalk in a neighborhood. It's a sunny day, and he can hear the wind rustling in the trees. He hears kids playing, and someone mowing their lawn. He nods and smiles as he walks past a lady running the opposite direction.
STOP! Where were your thoughts? Were you walking down the street with this man? Did you change your camera view of him? Did you hear the sounds of the wind, kids playing, and a lawn mower running? Most likely, as soon as I started the story, a film reel began to play in your head. Is this by coincidence that our brain automatically starts to play a film reel, instead of text? I believe our Creator has built us to be visual people. That is why Jesus used and told so many parables.

photo by: Bible Vector

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