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It Starts the Conversation

March 19, 2013 - By 

It Starts the Conversation

I would like to share an email I received from my brother to drive this point home.

"Monday the guys casually asked me what I did over the weekend. I mentioned that we watched "The Bible" on the History Channel. I told them about how much I liked it. They said they would check it out on their on-demand cable service.

     Today they told me that they watched it and were blown away by how good it was. One of my friends told me about all of the things he learned. He said that he did not know that God tested Abraham by having him sacrifice Isaac. Then he said something that I thought was the most awesome thing. He said, "It made me so interested that I opened up my Bible for the first time in years to look stuff up."

    I told him it is truly an amazing book and how Important it is. I can't say that they repented right there but now they are interested and are asking me a lot of questions. I hope this the open heart moment where they can be receptive of the good news of Jesus Christ. Brent, use your talents to peak people's interest in the Bible. It is making discussing the Bible easy and they are more open to the Bible. These are good guys with great families but don't know Jesus! Pray for them and me!"

Can you see how a film or video can open up doors to people we never thought possible! Wow, video is so powerful!”

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