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How to Record Your Church Videos Without a Teleprompter

November 5, 2015 - By 

It's hard to remember a script by heart. You will always mess a word up, flub on specifics, and it just makes you more anxious. You also want that professional look where it looks like the person is looking straight into the lens, and not slightly off.

This can be solved by using a teleprompter. By using a teleprompter you can cut your recording time in half, and produce a video without any cuts during the taking. Teleprompters can be  expensive, and can become a hurdle for many churches to take that leap in buying one. So by knowing this, I used a technique before our church bought a teleprompter to do our church announcements.

I used a laptop, and a teleprompter software to help me look straight into the camera to get this professional look. What I did is dropped the camera's bottom edge of the lens below the top of the computer screen, I would zoom the lens in and zoom in enough where you were unable to see the laptop screen. This works out great, but you want to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Make sure to have the laptop height enough to where the camera isn't pointing up.
  2. When the person is reading the script makes sure to keep them reading the top or top middle of the screen. This way the illusion of them looking into the lens is not broken. When they start looking down at the bottom of the screen it will be noticeable they are reading something.

This technique will help you drop your production time, and editing time in half. Below are a list of free teleprompter software you can use for your computer.

Free Teleprompter Softwares for Laptops:

Free Teleprompter Apps for iPad:
Teleprompter Pro Lite
dV Prompter

Free Teleprompter Apps for Android:
A Prompter for Android
dv Prompter


What softwares or apps did I not add? How do you use teleprompters or tricks to use another resource if you don't have one?



April 26, 2013 - By 

Many times, you sit at your computer, wondering when inspiration is going to arrive. Sometimes it is difficult, trying to think of a new video series, new inspirational video, website video, or video introduction. However, the inspiration does not arrive. So, we resort to digging through the internet to view other videos, pictures, or paintings, looking for that spark that will lead us into our next discovery. Does any of this sound familiar to you? It does to me.

So where does creativity come from and how do we harness it? Well, I will tell you this; creativity comes only from the one true God. He is the source of creativity, but it seems like some of us neglect to talk to, or ask Him for help. Let me paraphrase an illustration from a book I recently have read called “Pursuing Christ. Creating Art” by Gary A. Molander:

"A lady is wondering in the desert, looking for inspiration. She comes to a well that reads creativity. She cups her hands to guzzle in the sweet water of creativity, but the well is empty. Devastated,she walks to other wells that read creativity and one right after another, the wells come up empty. Finally she stumbles upon a well that reads God! She runs and splashes her hand in the cold water and guzzles down the water as she is revived and inspired! “

This story illustrates a wonderful truth that seems to be missing in some areas of the church media industry. Where are you getting your inspiration? Probably the best question is how is your prayer life? Do you have one? I am not attempting to be judgmental, but when is the last time you were inspired by the Bible, rather than an item on the Internet? Is God leading your creativity, or is someone else on the internet leading you? Maybe we shouldn't be so worried about how people will perceive our art. Maybe we should spend more effort making our invisible God visible to people!

Could it be that now is the time to encourage creative people to go back to the source, and ask the most creative one to endow us with more creativity; not for our glory, but for His! Take some time to talk to Him about it today. I am sure you will find He is more excited about your creations than you are.




It Starts the Conversation

March 19, 2013 - By 

It Starts the Conversation

I would like to share an email I received from my brother to drive this point home.

"Monday the guys casually asked me what I did over the weekend. I mentioned that we watched "The Bible" on the History Channel. I told them about how much I liked it. They said they would check it out on their on-demand cable service.

     Today they told me that they watched it and were blown away by how good it was. One of my friends told me about all of the things he learned. He said that he did not know that God tested Abraham by having him sacrifice Isaac. Then he said something that I thought was the most awesome thing. He said, "It made me so interested that I opened up my Bible for the first time in years to look stuff up."

    I told him it is truly an amazing book and how Important it is. I can't say that they repented right there but now they are interested and are asking me a lot of questions. I hope this the open heart moment where they can be receptive of the good news of Jesus Christ. Brent, use your talents to peak people's interest in the Bible. It is making discussing the Bible easy and they are more open to the Bible. These are good guys with great families but don't know Jesus! Pray for them and me!"

Can you see how a film or video can open up doors to people we never thought possible! Wow, video is so powerful!”

photo by: Digital Internet


How Do I Use Chruch Videos?

January 9, 2013 - By 

How Do I Use Church Videos?

There are several ways you can use videos in your church. You can use them on your church website,  use them for church video announcements, sermon illustrations, church video outreach, countdown videos, church video testimonials, welcome videos, worship videos, and so much more.  Many churches are seeing the benefit of video in their service and website. If you are not for sure how to start using video, consider this simple start. Create a slide show of an event that occurred at your church and watch how it produces unity and fellowship in your church. As a next step, you can use a video to do your announcements. If you would like to see some examples check out these links. As a new generation emerges we have to see how they gather information and what medium do they use. Here is a quick example: ask anyone how many books they have read compared to how many movies they have watched this year. You will discover videos have became a growing part of our lives. I strongly believe its time for Godly movies, YouTube videos, and other videos to flood the Internet to win the lost through the power of Jesus Christ. Let's do it!

photo by: Tiago Cassol Schvarstzhaupt



Why Should I Use Church Videos?

January 9, 2011 - By 

Why Should I Use Church Videos?

Videos are becoming more and more popular as the years pass. Consider YouTube. There are over 2.89 billion videos on YouTube alone and 48 hours of content uploaded every minute. So what does video provide that other mediums don't? First of all, we only remember 20% of what we hear and 30% what we see, but we remember 70% of what we hear and see! Video dramatically helps your congregation remember your sermon.  In addition, you help those people who learn by seeing. Video is becoming more and more affordable for churches. Making it easier for churches to use video In their services. While videos will never take the place of preaching, it will surely enhance and help your sermons. Videos can set the tone or the mood for your service before any music is played or before a person talks. So how are you using church videos in your service?

Other Statics:

84% of Americans online, watched videos. They're watching an average of about 10 hours of video every month.

Average person watches 4-5 hours of TV a day.


photo from: erin nealey

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