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How to Record Your Church Videos Without a Teleprompter

November 5, 2015 - By 

It's hard to remember a script by heart. You will always mess a word up, flub on specifics, and it just makes you more anxious. You also want that professional look where it looks like the person is looking straight into the lens, and not slightly off.

This can be solved by using a teleprompter. By using a teleprompter you can cut your recording time in half, and produce a video without any cuts during the taking. Teleprompters can be  expensive, and can become a hurdle for many churches to take that leap in buying one. So by knowing this, I used a technique before our church bought a teleprompter to do our church announcements.

I used a laptop, and a teleprompter software to help me look straight into the camera to get this professional look. What I did is dropped the camera's bottom edge of the lens below the top of the computer screen, I would zoom the lens in and zoom in enough where you were unable to see the laptop screen. This works out great, but you want to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Make sure to have the laptop height enough to where the camera isn't pointing up.
  2. When the person is reading the script makes sure to keep them reading the top or top middle of the screen. This way the illusion of them looking into the lens is not broken. When they start looking down at the bottom of the screen it will be noticeable they are reading something.

This technique will help you drop your production time, and editing time in half. Below are a list of free teleprompter software you can use for your computer.

Free Teleprompter Softwares for Laptops:

Free Teleprompter Apps for iPad:
Teleprompter Pro Lite
dV Prompter

Free Teleprompter Apps for Android:
A Prompter for Android
dv Prompter


What softwares or apps did I not add? How do you use teleprompters or tricks to use another resource if you don't have one?


How Do I Use Chruch Videos?

January 9, 2013 - By 

How Do I Use Church Videos?

There are several ways you can use videos in your church. You can use them on your church website,  use them for church video announcements, sermon illustrations, church video outreach, countdown videos, church video testimonials, welcome videos, worship videos, and so much more.  Many churches are seeing the benefit of video in their service and website. If you are not for sure how to start using video, consider this simple start. Create a slide show of an event that occurred at your church and watch how it produces unity and fellowship in your church. As a next step, you can use a video to do your announcements. If you would like to see some examples check out these links. As a new generation emerges we have to see how they gather information and what medium do they use. Here is a quick example: ask anyone how many books they have read compared to how many movies they have watched this year. You will discover videos have became a growing part of our lives. I strongly believe its time for Godly movies, YouTube videos, and other videos to flood the Internet to win the lost through the power of Jesus Christ. Let's do it!

photo by: Tiago Cassol Schvarstzhaupt


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