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3 Steps on How To Record the Best Audio

November 12, 2015 - By 

Audio is extremely important to producing a great video. Some people say it makes up 51% of the video. So knowing the importance of audio in your video. How do you make sure you record the highest quality audio you can.


Having your audio close to the source is a must. The farther away the mic the less audio quality, and the more room noise you will receive in your audio. Also the farther the mic is away the harder it is to hear the person. Now you can always boost the audio, but that will add more noise to your audio. So always make sure the mic is close to the subject.

Step 2.

Make sure you are in a quiet area with little to no room noise.  Room noise can be anything from an A/C unit running, a fan running, traffic, or a place that has a lot of echo. For most churches your probably filming in a classroom, or a room being used by other departments. It's doesn't have to be perfect, but the less environment noise the better. One way to figure out if the environment noise is to load is to just sit, and listen. Listening to the room you'll pick up on any fan nosies, traffic noises, and any other type of nosies that might ruin your audio. If the room sounds great, but has a little echo. You can always put some foam on the walls that could dampen the sound.

Step 3.

The final step is an important one! Make sure none of your audio cables are running across any electrical lines, and turn off those florescent lights. Running your audio cables across electrical lines can cause a hum, or buzzing sound in your audio. Also if you have your audio cables away from any electrical lines, and you still here a slight hum, or buzz it might be the florescent lights. Florescent lights have a buzz that we are use to, but the mic will pic it up. So make sure and turn those off.

Again audio is so important to producing a high quality video. These three steps will defiantly raise your production value. In turn making your announcements, scripts, or promos appealing to your audience.


What audio tips do you have, or use when recording for video?

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