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3 Steps on How To Record the Best Audio
Audio is extremely important to producing a great video. Some people say it makes up 51% of the video. So
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How to Record Your Church Videos Without a Teleprompter
It's hard to remember a script by heart. You will always mess a word up, flub on specifics, and it
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Many times, you sit at your computer, wondering when inspiration is going to arrive. Sometimes it is difficult, trying to think of a new
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It Starts the Conversation
It Starts the Conversation I would like to share an email I received from my brother to drive this point
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Jesus Used Videos
Jesus Used Videos You are right, he didn't really use a visual medium for his followers, but he did use
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How Do I Use Chruch Videos?
How Do I Use Church Videos? There are several ways you can use videos in your church. You can use
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Why Should I Use Church Videos?
Why Should I Use Church Videos? Videos are becoming more and more popular as the years pass. Consider YouTube. There
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