[toggler title="How do I become a yearly subscriber if I already have an account?"] You will need to send us an email with your username and email. We will delete your account so you can create a new one with a yearly subscription. This means you will have to re-register on onenessvideos.com. This time you will sign up under the yearly subscription option. Click here to contact us.[/toggler]

[toggler title="How do I become a yearly subscriber or regular member account?"] At the top of the website page you will see a SignUp/SignIn link. Click on that and bewlow the form click the register button, or click here. Follow the steps to signup today![/toggler]

[toggler title="Where do I download my videos?"] At the top of the page you will see "Your Profile/downloads" click on the link. You will be taken to your media where you can download it. If you are a yearly subscriber you will have a link that says All download. Click the link and it will take you to our entire library.[/toggler]

[toggler title="What is your refund policy?"] We do not accept refunds unless our website has created problem for you downloading media or the video you downloaded will not open or work on your machine. We will provide you with another video format option, and allow you to download that video format for no charge. You will agree to delete the pervious video before you download the other video format.[/toggler]

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